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Seminars & Demonstratons

"Learn it, then do it"

We offer several fitness and nutrition seminars and demonstrations that inform, inspire, and challenge your employees. Our seminars and demonstrations are great for lunch-and-learns, stand alone events, and even during health fairs.  We can alter the duration of our seminars and demonstrations to accommodate your needs. 


Fitness Made Easy

In our 60-minute fully interactive "Fitness Made Easy" exercise demo participants will learn some great exercises for toning, increasing stamina, and improving muscular strength. Best of all, these exercises can be done at home, work, outside, or in the gym. Our fitness professional will demonstrate a total body workout using exercise tubes and a gym ball. They will also demonstrate great exercises to strengthen and tone the abdominals and lower back.

Know Your Fitness

Starting an exercise program presents many challenges for a major percentage of the population. You first have to determine what you want to do, how to do it, when the best time to do it is, where to do it, and how much to do. Here is a great solution! In a 60-minute discussion our Fit Essentials Fitness Professional will discuss the following topics:

  • How to develop a feasible exercise program
  • Necessary components of your exercise program
  • Home vs. Health Club workouts
  • Exercise myths & misconceptions
  • Free and inexpensive resources for fitness training
  • How to work with common constraints (time, work, health, family, etc.)
  • Fun alternatives to traditional exercise programs Why do you want to exercise?
  • Benefits of exercise
  • Risk factor assessment
  • Goal Establishment
  • Motivational Methods
  • Choosing a health club/fitness center
  • Personal Trainers- Beneficial or waste of money?
  • How to choose a Personal Trainer

Stretch Away Stress

This program is series of  basic stretches that help to release contained energy and stress in the body; improve blood flow and circulation; and enhance flexibility. In our 45 minute Stretch Away Stress program, participants will learn user friendly stretches they can do at home, work (at the desk), in the gym, and outdoors. These stretches are also beneficial in challenging common physical problems such as lower back pain*, neck and upper back stiffness, carpel tunnel syndrome, and leg cramping & stiffness.

*Stretches are not intended to cure physical problems nor should be used to replace any medical treatment.


Workwell is a results based program created to bridge the gap between wellness and work. Our fitness professional will teach employees about the muscles they use to perform their jobs and simple ways to improve the strength and function of each muscle as a method for reducing musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. Employees will also learn task/skill specific stretches to reduce musculoskeletal injuries related to repetitive and excessive overuse. Exercises and stretches will be demonstrated using simple user-friendly fitness equipment such as elastic tubes, bands, dumbbells, and stability balls. This program is designed to provide solutions for factory workers, construction workers, nurses, cashiers, postal employees, teachers, and any employee whose job requires excessive, repetitive, and frequent musculoskeletal stress from lifting, pulling, pushing, or carrying. This seminar may require additional information about the physical demands and job functions of your target group of employees.   

Men At Work

If your pants size is getting larger, climbing the stairs is becoming harder, you don't feel as strong as you use to, and/or the doctor recommended that you to lose weight; then you must attend Fit Essentials "Men At Work" exercise demonstration. Fellas' we are sicker, more overweight, and less active than we have ever been and it is time for a change! Let's Determine, Discuss, and Do. Determine your muscular strength using our grip strength device. Discuss exercise methods and training systems that will help you work towards your goals and needs. Do the exercises that will help you regain strength, endurance, power, and better health!

Strong Women

Strong Muscles, Strong Bones, Strong Body, Strong Women! Learn exciting but simple exercises to regain your health, vitality, and energy through a calorie burning workout that will help boost your metabolism. Our Fit Essentials fitness instructor will help you target those problem areas (i.e. stomach, arms, hips, thighs, and butt) with effective exercises that will tone, tighten and define. Don't be scared. A New You is on the way!

Ask the Trainer - Ask the Trainer is a great option for health/benefit fairs and community events. Our personal fitness trainer will be available to answer questions and provide advice on fitness and demonstrate various exercises and stretches to your employees/attendees who come to our table. We can also facilitate several short (5-10 minute) exercises demonstrations throughout your event (not applicable for all events). 



During our mindfulness workshop participants will learn to become more aware of their thoughts and feeling. Our facilitator will coach them through techniques to help them to manage their thoughts, feelings, and body sensations with the intention of reducing stress and being more mindful of the experiences that bring a sense of happiness.

Work-Life Balance

In this presentation goal is to help the audience determine if their life is in a state of equilibrium, address the areas that need more attention as it relates to their goals and discuss strategies that help balance the numerus aspects of their life.


Nutrition Made Easy 

Knowing what to eat can be difficult to understand with so much information on the internet, social media, and television. In our 60 minute lunch n learn called Nutrition Made Easy our wellness professional will simplify nutrition, dispel myths, review trends and answer questions. Some of the topics covered included label reading, diet fads, organic vs inorganic foods, foods for energy, good and bad carbs, vegetarianism, and weight loss. 

Eating Healthy on the Go! 

Eating out does not have to mean unhealthy eating. Our registered dietitian will identified healthy options at fast-food restaurants, healthy snacks and meals that can be conveniently consumed during travel. 

Food For The Family 

Cooking, preparing meals, and shopping for the family can be challenging especially when time is tight and taste buds vary. The audience will learn some practical and real-life strategies to feed and nourish their family without additional stress. 

Healthy Eating on a Budget 

Food can be expensive especially if you are feeding more than one mouth. Let’s explore some budget friendly healthy food options so you can get the most for your dollar. 

Ask the Dietitian 

Ask the Dietitian is a great option for health/benefit fairs and community events. Our registered dietitian will be available to answer questions and provide advice on nutrition and health eating to your employees/attendees who come to our table. We can also make smoothies! 

Smoothie Bar – Our registered dietitian will make healthy smoothies for your employees to sample. 

Don't see the right seminar/demonstration? Contact us with your idea(s). We can make customizations.

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