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Personal, Partner & Small Group Training

"Workout Smarter, Not Harder."

Let's face it working out is hard. But mustering up the motivation and discipline to start and stay committed to an exercise program is 10 times more challenging.

This is where we come in. Health Fitness Connections professional personal trainers keep you motivated, consistent, excited about your workouts, and focused on reaching your goals. We develop realistic, clear, and achievable fitness plans helping you move one step closer to a healthier, leaner, and more fit YOU!

Personal Training Makes Sense
When you have car problems you take it to the mechanic. If you have pain in your teeth you go to the dentist. When you are having plumbing issues you call a plumber. So when you are out of shape, struggling to lose weight, feeling unmotivated exercise it makes perfect sense to hire a personal trainer.  


Personal Training 

30-minute session = $40 

60-minute session = $75

Partner Training (you and a buddy)

30-minute session = $22/per person 

60-minute session = $40/ per person

Small Group Training ( you and 9 other people. group size limited to space)

30-minute session = $17/per person 

60-minute session = $30/ per person

* 5% discount off package purchases of 10 sessions or more. 

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