Health Fitness Connections
Health Fitness Connections

Cheltenham Township Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge

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"Over two challenges I lost over 20 pounds and have gotten stronger and have eaten healthier. The weekly weigh ins keep me on track and both the fitness and nutrition coaches really help tailor a program I can follow. No high energy exercises that are too hard, no need to join a gym, no need to eat foods I don't like and no starving to lose weight. This has helped me make better choices overall and given me a plan I can live with long term". 

Bill - Philadelphia, PA 

"I'm wearing a smaller size and I feel better. Also have some great info on healthier food options. And I'm into weighing myself every week now - so the weight hopefully won't creep back". 

Marie - Philadelphia, PA  

"The motivation and accountability really worked for me. In the short period of time the challenge went on I was motivated by Don in fun and constructive ways. I lost over 40 pounds, 10% body fat and 10 waist sizes. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to get in better shape or just feel better in general". 

Travis - Camden, NJ

"I originally joined to get in better shape for tennis, but I was quite surprised that I actually lost weight in the process. Not just some, but a fair amount". 

Choti - Philadelphia, PA

"Losing weight helped increase my energy and allowed me to fit comfortably into my summer wardrobe! 

Monica". - Horsham, PA

"I didn’t set out with a particular weight loss goal in mind, but wanted to increase the frequency with which I take fitness classes each week, and to feel motivated with support from a team leader and nutritionist. I did just that, and will carry on with the improvements that I’ve gained"

Julie - Philadelphia, PA.

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